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Monday, January 2, 2012


I hate that we were not there for Nellie’s second Christmas, but from what we can tell, it looks like she had a wonderful time with everyone from the Butterfly Home. Alan, with the help of his wife and many other loving hands, takes care of these lovely and very special children. Here is a picture of the two of them…Alan makes a wonderful Santa, don’t you think? Plus, the kids were not scared of him because they are use to seeing him, beard and all, all the time!

Well, we are close to traveling. Anlea’s nursery is ready, my bags are packed (although I could use a little advice on what I actually need to bring with me) and we are ready to go!!!! I keep waiting to hear from our agency that we have TA, but I have heard that CCCWA was closed for three days over New Years…sooooooo, hopefully by the end of the week (I am thinking it will be next week based on other timelines).

This is way over due, but I am posting our timeline. When we started this process, I would read every adoption blog to check out their timeline in order to have an idea of when we would travel. As it turns out, you can’t go by everyone else’s! It does, however, give you a general idea of how long you need to wait for the next big step.


Recv'd “Angels” file 4/7/11

LOI – 4/15/11

PA- 4/22/11

DTC- 8/26/11

LID- 9/2/11

LOA- 11/4/11

I 800 approval – 11/30/11

Cabled – 12/9/11

Article 5 dropped off – 12/12/11

Article 5 picked up – 12/27/11

TA- any day now

If you would like to know what these acronyms stand for, you can check out this VERY informative link. I found myself at this web page a lot! It is great for getting your paperwork together!


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