“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see” Hebrews 1:11

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The tears keep flowing...

Well, we made the prayerful decision last night to give our daughter her name so that she can start hearing it at the Butterfly House. We have decided to name her Anela Yun Jie. Anela means "Angel" in Hawaiian as this child is a miracle! "Yun Jie" is her given name which we use as her middle name. This way she can choose to use it later on if she would like. We will call her "Nell" or "Nellie" which I think suits her perfectly...I love to have a nickname! We will of course always refer to her as "our little Angel"!

I had to post the e-mail my husband wrote me today...warning...it is a tear jerker. I think his love and support of this sweet child has made me fall in love with him all over again!

Here it is...

Some other thoughts on adopting Anela and her potentially having special needs:

1) If someone would have looked at Charley’s or Georgia’s file, they would have seen some abnormalities or special needs. I couldn’t imagine reviewing their “files” before they were a part of our family and deciding not to take the risk of them having special needs or unknowns.

2) Did God review our “file” to see if we had any issues or risks before he adopted us into his Kingdom. What if God passed by every person’s file that wasn’t perfect, none of us would be saved. God didn’t wait till we were perfect, without flaws, or had no risks. We needed a Savior when we weren’t perfect so we could be saved by his grace and loved by him...just like these children need parents who will accept them and love them even with their flaws and risks. What an example of Christ!

Love you!



Jaclyn said...

Looove her name! Our little one's chinese name is Jie Yun which means Pure Melody, so I'm wondering if Yun Jie means the same thing?

I'm still in awe of the beautiful story God has written and we're still on chapter 1, can't wait to hear the rest:) He is so good!

The Payne Family Blog said...

Love Nellie! It is perfect for her:) I have to tell you that I have been smiling all day knowing this precious baby has a forever family who is so crazy about her!!! Your testimony is beautiful. How exciting to think of the ways she will bless your sweet family! Many blessings to you as you wait!


Leah said...

Dear Ellen,

You cannot imagine how happy I am to hear that little Angel has found her forever family. I am the lady who sponsored her surgery, and have a very special place in my heart for this little girl. Please contact me privately and I would be happy to share all that I know of her story with you. My email is leahbonfili@fastmail.com.au



Princess D said...

I have heard the calling of God this month for me to adopt. One of my fears was how could I love a child who has another set of parents who the child was born to (not a bio child to me.) Then I came across Angel, and my heart was full and tears sprung to my eyes. I knew then that He was showing me that a child is born in your heart. I wondered if I was supposed to be her mommy and cried and prayed to the Lord. Then a few hours later I found out that she now had a mommy and daddy. I thanked God for giving her a forever family, and having her help me to know that I can follow God's path for me to adopt a beautiful child from China :)
I'm so glad that I will get to follow along with her story--and thank you for letting me! Your family holds a special place in my heart.