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Monday, February 27, 2012


I have SO much to catch up on! It is all a bit of a blur due to some major jet lag, so I will try my best to describe our trip home and a little of what life looks like now. I guess I can sum it up in one word...SURREAL! I can not believe we were in China two weeks ago, and are now home with our precious little girl who we waited for ten months for. She is amazing! I have already told handfuls of people that it is nothing short of miraculous of how well see is doing. Both Mike and I prepared ourselves for a challenging transition, but honestly, it has been so smooth and enjoyable. The trip was great, I fell in love with China and my little girl right from the beginning, and we are pretty much back to a normal Scisciani routine only with one more adorable face! The worst part was the thirty hour trip home, but I can not complain too much because Nellie slept during the longest flight and was a very pleasant traveler for the most part! She makes everyone smile and we are so BLESSED to have her as part of our family.

My other children were so thrilled to have us all home. Nellie has a very special bond with her oldest brother, Fred. I think it was because he came to China with us and was so good with her the whole time. Charely and Georgia also think she is very special and are proud to tell others that she is their sister. Georgia asked if she could bring Nellie in her backpack to Show and Share at school...when we said she couldn't put her in her backpack, she said, "well, I'll just put her in a bigger bag."

Both girls got haircuts last week which was a fun afternoon. Then we went to the grocery store to get some soup and a cookie. Nellie has enjoyed all of our outings and just is a joy to be around. She is sweet and spicy all wrapped up in one. She has the sweetest little voice , but can get all wound up with her siblings and get very silly. She at first was very sensitive to the word, "no" and would cry immediately. Now she is testing a bit more and will give us a sly little look. It is hard not to laugh...

Nellie loves her meal times and really takes her time enjoying it all. Actually, she is so slow eating sometimes, that if it is close to her nap time she will just fall asleep. She eats wonderfully, had a great check up at the doctors, and it full of life. We love her to pieces and would have made the trip to China a million times infinity to do it again!


Drew and Rachel said...

Hi there Nellie's mommy!

I'm from Minnesota. My husband and three kids (2 birth sons, one foster son from Butterfly Home) live in Changsha. We've been here for three years.

I know your little girl Nellie! My parents were here this past summer and my dad had such a special time with your daughter. She was his special kiddo for five weeks.

We have a couple pictures we'd like to share with you. I know you just got your feet back on the ground. If you like, contact me when you have a moment.

with love,
Rachel Addington


Princess D said...

So glad everything went so well and everyone is enjoying their new little sister at home :)

Helen Surgeon said...

Reading this blog is so utterly heartwarming. I work as an administrator (UK) for the charity founded by the amazing Goulds who have cared for Angel for almost 2 years. I have followed Angel's (Nellie's!) story with interest. I just looked back on some info about when she first came to the home and it is INCREDIBLE where she is now. Certainly there is a great plan for this gorgeous special little girl and I am so glad to see she is finally home. (And in time for her birthday!) Well done and much love to the Scisciani family XXX